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Skill Pierce Soul x Attacks the enemy twice with each having chance to disturb HP recovery for turns. Many questions are answered there. For instance the wind dungeon where is tank god against trash waves let say Khmun moves and shields Lushen but Shannon receives some heavy damage [...] 1166

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Normal HP ATK DEF Awakened Skills Leader The Resistance of ally monsters increased by Guild Battles. uwp MBI SSL uwreply https F fwww ng Fsecure FPassport px Fpopup D ulc uid Identity var sch function ge click sj evt nd onP setTimeout SearchBox header be dy sb form q cook CW window UTC new Date String null context . Damage Skill Soul Devourer [...] 1232

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NegativesNeed rly good runes to shine. HP Deals damage proportionate to your MAX and recovers of the dealt as . wlImgLg https users x myprofile profilephoto UserTileMedium pck uex ufofoff usid WindowsLiveId login fwa wsignin [...] 902

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Datahtml true Share Comment Add Cancel Your Answer Post By posting agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. wlImgSm https users x myprofile profilephoto UserTileStatic pck uex ufofoff usid . Cooltime Turn Evolution Stats Grade Level Min Lv [...] 866

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In that case your fire samurai will help along pretty well. Damage Skill Pierce Soul Strengthened ATK x Attacks enemy times to disturb HP recovery for turns with chance each. le function SharedLogHelper . Damage Skill Brand of Hell ATK x Attacks the enemy three times with each having chance to receive Branding effect for turns [...] 968


As for your first GB team think it should look something like this Ariel Heal Belladeon Def break buffremoval and Shannon would build her despair more CC she will maybe too squishy. hasAttribute n dClass f moveClass eventEvent HoverUtils var function for img y sj evt nd typeof if assList pd sp et k . Cooltime Turn Evolution Stats Grade Level Min Lv [...] 417

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Cooltime Turn Lv. This a fan site we are not affiliated with ComUs. I think He is an amazing and fantastic monster for guild battle. Cooltime Turn Underworld King s Return Passive Revives with HP at the last dying breath and fills up Attack Bar to fullest amount [...] 1324

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Skill Pierce Soul x Attacks the enemy twice with each having chance to disturb HP recovery for turns. You need to speed tune him go right after your squishy nuker so he will shield from any attacks [...] 736

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Start wiki The FANDOM App Take your favorite fandoms with never miss beat Advertise Media Kit Contact Summoners War Sky Arena Games Community. qustion for shannon dont use her very often she is kind hit giants b what should with make first which other mon too squishy right now belladeon bernard vero baretta xing zhe orichi bit but good dmg dots ahman darion any monster mentioned thread list below and another question realy late game from following you think about fire polar queen water brownie magician succubus death knight wind lich anubis neostone fighter agent phantom chief joker assassin grim reaper light bounty hunter horus pierret harpu griffon pirate captain last buy darkness summoning piece shop expensive thanks again fore every answer Update Cancel Rastigani Slime Answered September . As for your first always want to most efficient farmer who is probably Jun fire samurai at the moment [...]